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Genus Index : A to B

Welcome to the Growing plants genus index A-B section of the GardenersHQ website.

From this page you can navigate to detailed growing information of plants based on genus. Although many genera contain multiple species of plants, the information on each genus should go a long way towards you being able to grow individual species.

Index A

How to Grow Adonis

Growing Adonis

The common names for Adonis (which can be either a hardy annual or perennial) include Pheasant's eye, False Hellebore, Sweet Vernal and Red Morocco.

Find out more about Growing Adonis

How to Grow Althaea

Growing Althaea

The common names for the Hardy annual or perennial Althaea include Hollyhock, Marsh Mallow Mallards, and Sweet weed.

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How to Grow Arnica

Growing Arnica

he common names for the Hardy perennial Arnica include Mountain snuff, Mountain tobacco, and Mountain Arnica.

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Index B

How to Grow Begonia

Growing Begonia

Begonia is a half hardy or hardy perennial that is normally treated as an half-hardy annual by gardeners.

Find out more about Growing Begonia

As this site is going through a transitional phrase many plant genera have not been updated to a new theme yet. Here is a list of plants that will be updated in the future. The pages still carry lots of great growing information, but need a little polish.

Genus Index A

Genus Index B

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