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Earthwise 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001


  • More than powerful enough for most tilling uses
  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport
  • Smart design and performance


  • Prone to occasional bucking
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Product Description

Everyone should have a lawn mower in their shed to ensure that they can keep their grass at a healthy length, and to avoid letting it grow out of control. But while this is true, not everyone needs to own a cultivator.

This is a more ‘optional’ piece of equipment that you will be more likely to add to your collection only once you get more ‘into’ your gardening (or if you have a large amount of land). That said, it’s something that more people should look into getting, seeing as it can significantly improve the look of your lawn, the health of your plants and grass, and the ease with which you can maintain everything.

For those that aren’t familiar with what it does, a cultivator’s job is to break up soil to help aerate it while simultaneously removing weeds. This helps to provide nutrition more readily to your plants, helping them to grow more fully and more easily.

This product from Earthwise can do both tilling and cultivating. It provides a good amount of power, a smart design, and has easy usability.

In terms of horsepower, you’re getting an 8.5 amp motor here. That’s not going to be enough for a lawnmower but should be more sufficient for your tilling purposes. The design gives you an 11” cutting width and 8” cutting depth, which is accomplished via four strong steel four-blade tines.

In terms of build quality and ease of use this is a nicely thought out product. It has an attractive light grey and green color scheme, and a light weight and ergonomic handle.

Features and Extras

One neat feature of this tiller and cultivator is the fact that it has wheels that can seamlessly flip up and down. This makes it a lot easier to transport and move around, as does its relatively light-weight construction.

The tool does require assembly, but this is quick and painless. Safety features include an easy-to-access power on and off lever, as well as a power cord retention hook to prevent you from cultivating the power lead!

Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer reviews for this product are highly positive and currently rating average out at 4.6 stars based on 2,813 reviews.

Reviewers appear to be particularly happy with the durability and power of the tool. While this is not the most expensive cultivator on the market, it offers a decent amount of power for its size and has a durable construction that won’t let you down.

The reviewers often mentioned that the product offers the most features for the money, making it a very good value buy. Although, far from perfect (due to its relatively cheap price) it is able to act as a workhorse, and is comparable to products twice its price. Many mentioned its fast tine speed that allows it to burst through tougher soils. The main problem is that it is susceptible to bucking quite easily.

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Overall, this is an excellent choice for a basic cultivator. At 8.5 amps, its not technically the most powerful, but most households won’t need more power than this anyway. What you will find though, is that this is one of those tools that you can rely on and keep coming back to and that won’t fail.

The only negative comment from reviewers is that it occasionally bucks – which shouldn’t really be that expected a problem or an issue at the price. This tool comes highly recommended.


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