How To Grow White Stonecrop (Sedum album) In Your Garden

Sedum album, or White Stonecrop, is a low-growing, mat-forming succulent. It is perfect for rock gardens, walls, and for use as ground cover.

This Sedum plant typically grows up to 2 to 6 inches (5 to 15 cm) in height and spreads 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm).

Sedum album plant leaves
Sedum album photograph by Andreas Rockstein; CC.

The plant's main attraction lies in its evergreen leaves, star-shaped summer flowers, and its excellent drought tolerance.

It grows well in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9, RHS H4.

How to Grow Sedum album in the Garden

Sedum album thrives best when grown in a full sun to partial shaded location that has well-drained soil.

It is adaptable to many soil types, but much prefers sandy or gravelly soils.

Plant it in spring. Water thourogly once planted.

Given the succulent nature of this plant, it is not surprising that Sedum album is highly drought-tolerant. It this requires little watering, making it ideal for xeriscaping or low-maintenance areas.

White Stonecrop does not require use of a fertilizer, but removing old flower heads and applying a thin layer of compost in spring can help to promote its growth.

White Stonecrop flowers
White Stonecrop image by xulescu_g; CC.

Pests are not usually a major issue, but be on the look out for vine weevils. Regularly inspecting plants and remove any visible pests.

Sedum album makes an excellent choice for gardeners who wish to have ground coverage for a dry location, or who require a plant for poor soil conditions.

Its ability to store water in its leaves make it a sturdy, and self-reliant plant choice. It can adds texture and color to the garden throughout the year.

Quick Sedum album Growing and Care Guide

Scientific Name: Sedum album.

Common Name(s): White Stonecrop, Coral Carpet.

Growing Zone (USA / UK Hardiness): USDA Zones: 3-8. RHS Hardiness H4 – hardy in most parts of the UK, down to about -10°C (14°F).

Best Used For / Garden Location: Ground cover, rock gardens, borders, green roofs, and containers.

Plant Details

Life Cycle / Plant Type: Perennial, succulent.

Plant Height: 2-6 in (5-15 cm).

Plant Spread: 12-24 in (30-60 cm).

Blooms: Summer.

Flower Details: Small, star-shaped, white flowers.

Leaf Foliage: Succulent, cylindrical, green leaves turning reddish in full sun.

Fruit: Small, star-shaped, five-pointed seed capsules.

Growing Conditions and Location

Best Light Conditions: Full sun to partial shade.

Suitable Soil Types: Well-drained, sandy, or gritty soil.

Sowing, Planting: Plant in spring, space 6-9 in (15-23 cm) apart.

Germination Time: 2-4 weeks if starting from seed.

Propagation: Division or stem cuttings in spring or early summer.

Plant Care: Drought-tolerant; water sparingly.

Growing in pots and containers: Suitable, ensure good drainage.

Growing as a House plant: Suitable with good light, avoid overwatering.

Further Information

Miscellaneous: Attracts butterflies, resistant to deer and drought.

Pests and diseases: Generally pest-free, can suffer from root rot if overwatered.

Common Cultivars / Varieties: 'Coral Carpet' has coral-red leaves, 'Murale' has red winter foliage.

Family: Crassulaceae, the Stonecrop family.

Native: Europe and Western Asia.

References and Further Reading: Kew Gardens Species Guide; Missouri Botanical Garden; Provence Wild Flowers.

Common Questions

Does Sedum album make a good garden or landscaping plant?

Yes, Sedum album, commonly known as White Stonecrop, is a great choice for gardens. It i a hardy, drought-tolerant succulent, that makes excellent ground cover and works well in rock gardens.

Is Sedum album a fragrant plant?

It is not generally recognized for its fragrance. White Stonecrop appeal lies in its low-maintenance nature and its ability to thrive in challenging conditions.

What is the perfect location to grow White Stonecrop?

Sedum album is exceptionally adaptable, thriving in full sun to part shade. It prefers well-drained, rocky or sandy soil, and it's hardy in USDA zones 3-9.

Is Sedum album invasive in the USA, if so in which states?

Sedum album is not considered invasive in the USA. However, it can spread rapidly under favorable conditions.

How do I remove White Stonecrop from my garden?

To remove it. first uproot the plant, ensuring all root fragments are removed as they can regrow. Monitor the area where the plant was growing for any regrowth and promptly remove any new sprouts.


White Stonecrop is a perennial, succulent plant that is drought-tolerant and thrives in well-drained soil under full sun. Its white to pink flowers bloom in summer, providing an alluring carpet of color to rock gardens.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide on how to grow Sedum album. You may also enjoy the following growing Sedum plant growing guides: How to grow Sedum spurium, Woodland Stonecrop, and Gold Moss Stonecrop plants in the garden.

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