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My name is Dr. D. Ravenscroft, but feel free to call me Deano. I first started writing about plants over on my other site over fifteen years ago, as that site developed, it grew to contain information on how to grow over 600 different genera of plants.

Picture of Dean Ravenscroft (Deano) working on the Gardener's HQ Website
I, Deano, busy writing new content for the Gardener's HQ website.

Unfortunately, I found the format of the plant biology advice site to be a little bit restrictive, especially with regard to gardening specific informational pages.

There was also the problem that although plants from most genera could be treated by gardeners in a somewhat similar manner, those containing hundreds of species, and with large variations of size and habit, are quite often required to be treated very differently in the garden.

Hence the birth of the Gardener's HQ site. Which allows me to separate general genus growing information, and more in-depth plant species and cultivar specific growing guides into separate sections of the site, and also gives me the opportunity to cover more general gardening topics, and to review great products of use to gardeners everywhere.

I am hopeful that the Gardener's HQ website will enable me to delve deeper into specific garden plant species and varieties, and also give me the opportunity to write about non-plant-growing-specific aspects of gardening such as landscaping, attracting (and preventing) animals to the garden, general gardening talk and ideas, and to show pictures and videos from botanical gardens and gardening shows that I attend.

I have transferred – and improved upon – all of the plant genus information from the old site to the Gardener's HQ website, and also updated it to a more modern responsive theme.

The next step is to add ~1,400 species specific pages and videos (that should keep me busy for a few years :-)

I am hopeful that the information on this site will be of great use to gardeners everywhere. I also hope that it will be of general interest to anybody with an interest in the plants that are growing in the world around them.

My Biological Background

I have had a keen interest in plants since I was a child. I was given a patch of soil of my own in which I haphazardly spread a load of Lupine and Poppy seeds; as a toddler I was amazed at my creation!

Since then I have studied plant biology at Ordinary (O.U), Masters (University of York), and Doctorate levels (U.E.A. / John Innes Centre), and have carried out post-doctoral research work on ‘flowering time’ at the MPIZ in Cologne, and the Rice genome database at Cornell university in the U.S.A.

Here are some of the publications that I am listed as a co-author on if you are interested in a read: Science; EMBO (Pubmed Central); Nature biotechnology.

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Have fun in the garden, Deano