How To Grow Gold Moss Stonecrop (Sedum acre) In Your Garden

Sedum acre, also known as Goldmoss Stonecrop or Biting Stonecrop, is a perennial groundcover plant native to Europe.

This plant is admired for its small, succulent, needle-like leaves that form a dense carpet-like mat. It sports tiny, star-shaped yellow flowers that bloom in the summer.

Sedum acre plant
Sedum acre photograph by Andreas Rockstein; CC.

Typically, this plant grow to a height of two to five inches (5 to 12 cm), and spreads up to 24 inches (60 cm).

Gardeners often choose Sedum acre for its drought tolerance, easy care, and the charming yellow flowers that brighten up any garden space.

Sedum plants are suitable for rock, container, or alpine and rock gardens and flourishes in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 8 and RHS zones H6 to H2.

While it can spread rapidly in optimal conditions, it's generally not considered invasive in most places.

How to grow Sedum acre in the garden

Goldmoss Stonecrop favors full sun exposure and well-drained soil. It is adaptable to different soil types, including sandy, loamy, and chalky soils, with a preference for neutral to slightly alkaline pH.

Planting can be done in the spring or early autumn. Propagation is typically done by division in spring, but it can also be achieved by simply spreading small pieces of the plant on the soil's surface, where they will quickly take root.

Goldmoss stonecrop in bloom, image by hedera.baltica; CC.

Sedum acre has low to moderate watering needs, fitting its drought-tolerant nature. During the growing season, water only when the soil is dry to the touch, reducing watering in the winter.

Goldmoss Stonecrop is generally free from serious pests or diseases. The main issues to watch out for are root rot and fungal diseases, usually due to overwatering or poor soil drainage.

With its ground-covering growth habit, charming yellow blooms, and low-maintenance nature, Sedum acre can be a delightful addition to your garden.

Goldmoss growing en masse
Goldmoss growing en masse, image by Andreas Rockstein; CC.

Quick Sedum acre Growing and Care Guide

Scientific Name: Sedum acre

Common Name(s): Goldmoss Stonecrop, Mossy Stonecrop, Biting Stonecrop

Growing Zone (USA / UK Hardiness): USDA Zones: 3-9 RHS Hardiness Rating: H6 (hardy to -20°C)

Best Used For / Garden Location: Groundcover, rock gardens, green roofs, and container gardens.

Plant Details

Life Cycle / Plant Type: Evergreen perennial

Plant Height: 2-3 inches (5-7.5 centimeters)

Plant Spread: 12-24 inches (30-60 centimeters)

Blooms: Summer

Flower Details: Bright yellow, star-shaped flowers

Leaf Foliage: Fleshy, green leaves

Fruit: N/A

Growing Conditions and Location

Best Light Conditions: Full sun to partial shade

Suitable Soil Types: Well-drained, sandy or gravelly soil

Sowing / planting: Plant young plants in spring or fall.

Germination time: N/A, propagated from cuttings or divisions.

Propagation: By division or stem cuttings in spring or early summer.

Plant Care: Drought-tolerant; water sparingly.

Growing in pots and containers: Suitable for containers; ensure good drainage.

Growing as a House plant: Not typically grown as a houseplant.

Further Information

Miscellaneous: Attracts butterflies. Can be invasive in some regions.

Pests and diseases: Generally pest-free, but watch for vine weevils.

Common Cultivars / Varieties: No specific cultivars, but related species include Sedum reflexum and Sedum album.

Family: Crassulaceae, the Stonecrop family.

Native: Europe, but naturalized elsewhere.

References and Further Reading: Washington College – Gold Moss Sedum; Burke Herbarium Image Collection; UofA Cooperative Extension Service

Common Questions

Does Sedum acre make a good garden or landscaping plant?

Sedum acre, also known as Goldmoss Sedum, makes an excellent garden or landscaping plant. Its dense, spreading growth and attractive, succulent leaves make it a great ground cover or rock garden plant.

Is Sedum acre a fragrant plant?

Sedum acre does not produce a noticeable fragrance. It's primarily valued for its drought tolerance, ground coverage, and low-maintenance nature.

What is the perfect location to grow this Golden Stonecrop?

Sedum acre thrives in full sun to partial shade locations with well-drained soil. It's very drought tolerant, making it a good choice for xeriscaping or rock gardens.

Is Sedum acre invasive in the USA?

Sedum acre is not generally considered invasive in the USA. However, it's a vigorous grower, so regular maintenance may be required to keep it contained.

How do I remove Stonecrop from my garden?

To remove Sedum acre, pull up the plants, ensuring to remove as many roots as possible. Given its spreading nature, it may require multiple removal efforts to completely eradicate it.


Goldmoss Stonecrop is a hardy succulent with bright yellow flowers. Plant in well-draining soil in full sun. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between watering.

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