Monthly Gardening Jobs

In this part of the Gardener's HQ we take a look at some of the jobs that are necessary to do in the garden on a monthly basis. The jobs have been split into three main sections. Plants; Greenhouse; and Common maintenance tasks such as watering and pest control. Some of the topics overlap a touch.

The guides are generally aimed at people living in the Northern hemisphere, though some of the guides also contain information relevant to our gardening friends in the South.


May Garden Jobs

May Gardening Jobs

Although the weather will be improving dramatically, there will still be a chance of a damaging late frost in many areas, making it very important to keep an eye on the local weather forecasts. This time of year is usually dedicated to planting out or sowing bedding plants, and tidying up old bulbs.


June Garden Jobs

June Garden Jobs

A combination of longer days and higher temperatures makes June growing season, so keep an eye on those weeds.


July Garden Jobs

July Garden Jobs

July is usually one of the best months in the garden, relax a little you've deserved it, but find the time to deadhead flowers that will have a second bloom.


August Garden Jobs

August Garden Jobs

August is usually one of the hottest months of the year and a traditional time for going on holiday/vacation. If you do go away be sure to have someone take over the watering duties.

Though it's nice to relax in the garden in August, there are still plenty of jobs to be done, and many fruits and vegetables will be prime for harvesting