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Growing Regions

Growing Regions

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USA Frost Dates


Timing sowing and planting to the time of frost is critical for sucessful gardening.

Low Maintenance Plants

Low Maintenance Plants

Not everyone has the time or energy to look after plants that are difficult to grow. This article takes a look at plants that are easy to grow and take little effort to maintain.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Most people love butterflies, and find them a welcome addition to the garden. This feature takes a look at plants to grow to attract butterflies to your garden.

Autumn Flowers

Autumn Flowers

This articles gives advice on plants to grow that will bring colour into the garden in the autumn /fall.

Deadheading Flowers

deadheading flowers

Advice on how best to deadhead flowers, an important technique for all gardeners.

Invasive species

Invasive species

Notes on invasive species, and why this site contains information on how to grow plants that may not be desirable in your area.

Four Reasons to Garden

Reasons for gardening

Thinking of having your own garden, but not too sure? Well here's some good reasons why you should take up gardening.

Gardening Questions and Answers

Garden Questions and Answers No. 1

Featuring questions on Composting, Leggy Seedlings, Sansevierias, Bush Beans, Late Blight, Japanese Gardens, and Tomato Plants

Gardening News

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