Ten Plants to Grow in the Garden for Great Fall and Autumn Flowers

Many people do not look forward to the Autumn/Fall, and especially to the Winter, as the days begin to darken and the weather begins to chill.

However this time of year can be a wonderful time in the garden, so long as you choose the right plants.

Looking out into your garden at all the beautiful colours can help lift ones spirit, even on the most miserable of days.

Ten Fall Flowers to Plant to Bring Colour to your Garden


These late flowering plants will create lovely colours in your garden. Chrysanthemums like to grow in full sunlight and are great to make flower cuttings from to bring some colour indoors.

They should stay in bloom until the first hard frost of autumn.

Chrysanthemums by Oatsy40.

Cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium)

Although these small plants flower at the beginning of autumn with pink or white rocket shaped flowers, they carry attractive marbled leaves that look great all through the winter. Cyclaman can grow in part shade to full sunlight, and reach about six inches (15 cm) in height.

Cyclamen hederifolium
Cyclamen hederifolium by Paul Gulliver.

Fall Asters

Range from one and a half to five feet ( 45 to 150 cm) in height, and have daisy like flowers in a large range of colours such as white, pink, blue, purple and red.

Fall Asters should ideally be grown in a rich soil, and like to grow in full sunlight. A compact growth of Asters can be encouraged by pinching and pruning.

New England Aster
New England Aster by Keith T. Robinson.

Japanese Anemone (Anemone x hybrida)

These plants reach two to five feet (60 to 150 cm) in height. They have poppy like flowers of white, burgendy or red. Japanese Anemone take very little effort to care for, but should be mulched during their first winter.

They like to grow in part shaded to full sun conditions. They make good flowers to take cuts from for displaying in your home.

Japanese Anemone
Japanese Anemone picture by pen3ya.

Ornamental Kale & Cabbages (Brassica oleracea)

These plants are grown for their colourful foilage, and can be grown with pansies to create a delightful corner in your garden.

They reach from 18 inches to two feet in height (45 to 60 cm), and like to grow in full sunlight.

They have attractive foilage of blue, purple, white or green, and will bring colour in your garden through to the spring.

Brassica oleracea
Brassica oleracea by Ava Babili.


Miscanthus range in height from three to eight feet (1 to 2.5 m), and can grow in partiallly shaded and full sunlight conditions.

They carry plumes in colours of white, cream, pink, bronze, silver and purple.

These grasses are very easy to look after and are an ideal border plant.

Miscanthus grass
Miscanthus grass by F. D. Richards.

Pampas Grass (Cortadera selloana)

These large grasses can reach from eight to eleven feet in height (2.5 to 3 m), have grey-green foilage, and lovely fluffy flower heads.

Pampas grasses like to grow in full sunlight and are great for use in flower arangements.

Cortadera selloana
Cortadera selloana by Jimmy Baikovicius.


Phlox makes a great autumn plant, and has varieties that flower in a multitude of colours including white, blue, red, pink and purple.

They range from two to four feet in height (60 to 120 cm), and can grow in partially shaded or full sunlight conditions.

This makes then great fall flowers to plant, though they should only be grown in a part of the garden that has good ventilation.

Phlox diffusa
Phlox diffusa by Brewbooks.

Scotch Heather (Calluna vulgaris)

These plants can be grown for both their flowers and foilage. Their bell shaped flowers can be white, violet, purple, red or bronze, and leaves may be green, apricot or russet.

They prefer to grow in full sunlight. Some of the late blooming varieties include Goldsworth Crimson, Blazeaway, Alba Jae, Darkness and David Eason.

Calluna vulgaris
Calluna vulgaris by Kingsbrae garden.

Winter Pansy (Viola wittrockiana)

Pansies, with their 'smily faces', flower in a large array of colours, and they look spectacular if grown with ornamental kale or cabbages.

These plants flower throughout the autumn and winter, and can reach a height of two feet (60 cm). They like to grow in full sunlight.

Viola wittrockiana
Viola wittrockiana photograph by Andreas Kohn.

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