How to Grow Yucca baccata Plants in your Garden

Yucca baccata is the scientific name for the plant most commonly called a banana yucca (also called Blue Yucca).

It is a perennial and is classified as being a part of the succulent and cacti plant type.

Plants do well in US zones 5 to 9, and can readily grow in the sunnier coastal parts of the UK and Europe.

If grown in the right areas it is the perfect plant for a low maintenance garden or for those gardener's with a less than green thumb.

Banana yucca
Yucca baccata in flower at the North Kaibab trail photograph by brewbooks.

It is an attractive plant due to its ground cover and luscious green color.

The plant yields a dry hard banana shaped fruit that is nutritious and sweet to the taste.

Yucca baccata plants have blueish leaves are sword shaped and can reach up to 1 m (40 inches) in length. Historically, the long, smooth, broad leaves were woven together to make baskets and brushes.

The stiff leaf fibers of Yucca baccata were also traditionally used as needles and thread. The roots of the plant were used to make natural soaps.

Gardener's HQ Guide to Growing Banana Yucca

Banana yucca can make a perfect addition to an easy to look after outdoor garden.

A common feature with the Banana yucca and succulents is that they are slow-growing and prefer dry, well-drained soils. Yucca baccata thrives in acidic, alkaline, and neutral soil types.

These plants thrive in partial to full sun exposure. It requires minimal maintenance and can tolerate severe heat and cold exposure.

This plant's versatility and determination to thrive allows it to thrive as both an indoor and outdoor plant.

However, it is recommended as an outdoor plant due to the plant's height (1.6 m (6 feet) and spread ranging from 36 to 48 inches (90 to 120 cm).

Be aware that the leaf blades of Yucca baccata can cut through skin, therefore it is not recommended for gardens that have small children and pets.

The long pale green, blue leaves attract spider mites. This is easily treated with a mild insecticide spray.

Yucca baccata Growing and Care Guide

  • Scientific Name: Yucca baccata
  • Common Name: Banana yucca
  • Growing Zone: USA: 6 to 11; UK Hardiness Zone H3 (considered hardy to temperatures no lower than -5°C / 23°F).
  • Life Cycle / Plant Type: Perennial, Succulents and Cactis and Cacti

Plant Details

  • Plant Height (Inches): 36 to 48
  • Plant Spread (Inches): 36 to 48
  • Time of Bloom: Spring and Summer
  • Flower Details: White
  • Leaf Foliage: Green
  • Fruit:
  • Growth Form: Rounded

Ideal Growing Conditions

  • Best Light Conditions: Shady to full sunlight
  • Rate of Growth: Grows slowly
  • Suitable Soil Types: Acidic, Alkaline, Loamy, Neutral, Sandy, Well drained
  • Soil Moisture: Dry

Caring Conditions

  • Care:
  • Level of Maintenance:
  • Propagation: seed
  • How to Prune: remove of old flower stalks
  • Pests:
  • Diseases:

Further Information

  • Can Attract:
  • Tolerant of: Drought
  • Best Garden Use: Border, En masse, Specimen
  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Closely Related Species: Belongs to the Asparagus plant family.

  • Miscellaneous: North American native, Fragrant flowers, Attractive flowers / blooms
  • Genus Detail: Yucca
  • Further Reading and References: Here and Yuccas in Your Landscape

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