How to Grow Helianthemum Plants in your Garden

Gardener's HQ Guide to Growing Sun Rose and Rock Rose

Plants of the Helianthemum plant genus are half hardy or hardy perennials that have a shrubby nature.

They may reach a height of about 30 cm (12 inches), and are ideal for use in rock gardens and to fill the gaps between stones in drystone walls and paving.

Helianthemum syriacum
Helianthemum syriacum by ch.deff.

The foliage of Helianthemum Plant is silver or green in colour

They flower from spring to autumn (species specific) with flowers of orange, scarlet, yellow or bronze.

Some of the common names for Helianthemum include Sun Rose, Rock Rose and Frostweed.

Species Specific Grow Guide for Helianthemum nummularium.

Helianthemum almeriense
Helianthemum almeriense by Peter M Greenwood.

How to Grow Sun Rose (and other Helianthemum)

Helianthemum plants can be grown directly outside by sowing seeds on the soil surface in late autumn, or before the first frost of spring.

Sun Roses (and other Helianthemum), as per the name, like to grow in sunny areas of the garden.

It is very important that the soil they grow in has good drainage but the quality of teh soil is not as important.

If you plan to start growing Helianthemum seedlings indoors, then they should be prepared about eight weeks in advance (put the Helianthemum plant out in the garden after the last frost of spring).

It usually takes them about three weeks to germinate, at a temperature of 21 to 24 degrees centigrade (70 to 75F).

Caring for Sun rose - Helianthemum plants in the Garden

Helianthemum Care: If you require more sun roses / Helianthemum plants in the garden then take cuttings at the end of summer.

Unfortunately, members of the Helianthemum genus are not the easiest plants to look after: they have short lived flowers that should be removed once they have finished blooming.

Once the flowering has completed it is best to then cut back about a third of the plant; so that it becomes shapely; this may also lead to a second bloom.

Helianthemum Plant Genus Video Growing Guide

Helianthemum Growing and Care Guide

Common Names: Rock Rose, Sun Rose, Frostweed, Rush Rose.
Life Cycle: Hardy perennial. Half hardy perennial.
Height: 12 inches (30 cm).
Native: Northern Hemisphere.
Family: Cistaceae.
Growing Region: Zones 6 to 9.
Flowers: Species dependent: Spring and/or summer and/or autumn.
Flower Details: White, orange, yellow, scarlet, bronze. Five petals. Bi-coloured. Saucer-shaped.
Foliage: Evergreen. Silver, Green. Opposite. Oval.
Sow Outside: Surface. Start of spring - before the last frost, or towards the end of autumn. Spacing 5 to 18 inches (12 to 45 cm).
Sow Inside: Germination time: two to three weeks. Temperature: 70 to 75°F (21 to 24°C). Six weeks to two months before the last expected frost. Transplant outdoors following the last frost.
Requirements and care: Full sunlight. Good drainage. Poor soil, chalky soil. Can survive in dry soils. Flowers bloom for just a day, so remove the fading ones regularly. Cut back to two/thirds size once the first round of blooming has completed to encourage a second round of flowering. Propagate: cuttings can be taken towards the end of summer.
Miscellaneous: Stamens are touch sensitive.

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